Use it or lose it!

Use it or lose it!

Maintaining health is similar to riding a bike.
You cannot ride a bike and then just stop and expect you will maintain balance.
The moment we stop moving our balance is compromised.
The moment we stop practicing healthy habits, our health, sometimes unnoticeably, starts declining.
The moment we stop using our muscles – they start getting weaker and weaker.
The moment we stop stretching – we start getting tighter and begin losing our mobility.
The moment we stop making a mental effort to remember, to create solutions, to recognize and react – our mental capabilities’ decline begins.
The main weapon we have to prevent this from happening or at the very least, to slow it down, is our effort to continue performing or maybe even improving our ability to perform various actions so that we maintain this ability as long as possible.
Idle pleasures like watching television or playing computer games, while ok in small doses, can quickly turn into “preferable” way of spending time, developing strongly addictive habits that do not challenge our mental or physical capabilities, thus contributing to the decrease of our well being.
The gradual limiting of our social interactions, relying on patterns and solutions that we are very comfortable with, even practicing the very same practices without seeking improvement can and frequently does bring a slow decline.
Is it only because we are getting “older”? Or is it because we are getting lazy?
If we look at examples of those in later stages of their lives, who continue working in their field, studying, practicing, researching, it is easy to notice that their abilities do not correspond to their chronological age. In a positive sense.
One more reason not to stop DOING!


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