Relativity of perception. Challenges and opportunities.

Relativity of perception. Challenges and opportunities.

It is often difficult to call something “positive” or “negative”.

What we call bad is frequently the result of misunderstanding and not following the natural order of things which results in what we generally refer to as ” negative” occurrences. For example: “bad weather”, rain, being tired, cold etc.

Complaining about it is like complaining about the fact that we have to breathe.

Without these things we simply wouldn’t be able to survive.

Imagine that it is sunny and warm all the time. Without rain, the area could quickly turn into a dry, hot desert.

What if we don’t  do any physical work? We would end up with a weak and underdeveloped body.

If we always insulate ourselves from the environment, trying to maintain a comfortable temperature all the time, any sudden change becomes too much for our immune system and we get ill very easily.

How come we do not appreciate the gifts of life given to us everyday!?

The”bad” or “negative” is nothing but our perception of a lack of harmony, being out of sync with God, Tao, our Inner Voice, our True Nature etc.  

What do you see around you? Good or bad? Positive or negative?

Do you understand why difficulties happen in your life?

Do you take advantage of these challenges to work on your own strengths and weaknesses?

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