Every day is a test.

Every day is a test.

Whether one is a lawyer, doctor, worker in the factory or an artist, black or white, poor or rich it is of little

consequence for the level of happiness that can be experienced by that person.

It only determines the kinds of challenges our soul/personality/character will face in the course of one’s life.

Challenges and difficulties that have a potential to shape the essence of what we consider our core being.

How do you choose to react to your daily tests?

Do you realize that you have a choice whether you react one way or another?

Do you know that you can train these reactions?!

What you practice is what you develop!

We don’t want to concentrate on what we don’t want to do or be.

We want to concentrate on what we want to do or be.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t do this or that.  The very act of trying activates our body and mind in the ways we

cannot perceive yet but already significantly changing our reality.

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